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  • About Hospitality Speaks

    An independent, not-for-profit platform launching at the end of March 2019.


    We will be:

    1. Publishing working solutions and innovations from hospitality’s People Pioneers - the employers* leading by example in terms of attracting, supporting, training and retaining staff. Each People Pioneer will be verified by a minimum number of staff who work there


    2. Creating a safe online space for hospitality employees to share their anonymous stories of bullying, harassment and discrimination, and platform some of the issues


    3. Working with journalists to shake up the media narrative on both sides


    4. Enabling the challenges and solutions to be shared via useful, practical content, and a series of events and discussions


    5. Creating a page of contacts pointing people to useful support networks, and where to seek professional help and legal counsel



      *Within hospitality, we are currently only looking at restaurants, bars, pubs and street food businesses










    1. Neither the hospitality industry nor the public are aware of the extent of toxic behaviour


    2. Not enough action is being taken to prevent it or to make it easy to report, and there is currently no dedicated, safe place for hearing and sharing stories about it


    3. There is not enough recognition of the link between this and staff retention


    4. There is not enough recognition in the hospitality industry or in the media about positive or negative working practices




    1. Because nobody deserves to be mistreated or made to feel uncomfortable


    2. Nobody benefits from this behaviour or high staff turnover, especially during this time of political uncertainty. We know from first-hand accounts that businesses which focus on nurturing and training staff are more sustainable and more enjoyable to work in


    3. Because the public deserves to make an informed choice on where to eat and drink









    We want to:


    1. Raise awareness of the extent of the emotional and financial cost of unacceptable behaviour


    2. Raise awareness of the pioneering employers across the industry who have found innovative solutions for creating positive culture and retaining staff


    3. Create an environment in which affected employees feel able to speak up


    4. Since there is currently no hospitality industry standard for behaviour and ethics, we would ultimately like to help create some form of tested criteria to enable one







    1. Decision makers and staff who want to be better informed about innovative solutions and ideas for creating positive culture and retaining people


    2. Employees looking for a safe online space in which to see and share stories of bullying, harassment and discrimination, and platform the issues


    3. The public, to enable them to make more informed choices about eating and drinking out





    • Victoria Stewart, freelance food journalist, former Evening Standard food editor and weekly columnist with 10 years experience writing about the consumer-side of the food, drink and hospitality industry. Over a year ago, I became aware of specific examples of toxic behaviour in a number of establishments which prevented me from feeling I could continue covering them. Following a number of interviews, I discovered that the problems were not only widespread, but that people didn't feel able to talk about them. Hospitality Speaks has been a huge personal project, and investment of time and money, and has come about with a desire to raise awareness of these problems, whilst also creating a list of employers who looked after their staff so that I could decide who to write about and where to eat and drink.
    • Hannah Norris, restaurant PR with 20 years’ experience. On a personal level, I feel strongly about wanting to make this information public, in order to strengthen the industry I am so passionate about

    • Second journalist / editor - to be announced in due course







    We are currently fundraising with a number of sponsors, each with similar values to Hospitality Speaks, and with a specific, different area of expertise within and outside the industry. No hospitality employers will have any financial input or sway over the platform.





    Enquiries: hello@hospitality-speaks.com

    Media: hannah@nourishpr.com

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